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AS-C Tiffany

I changed my thesis statement.


Introduction: What is Gaokao? 

                     Why should Chinese students attend Gaokao?

                     How do Chinese students perform in Gaokao?

                     Does Gaokao really benefit Chinese students?

                     What is the influence: Gaokao exerts negative influence on students and even make them diffident.


Main body: 

        1. Students who do not perform well in Gaokao exam are worried about their future life. 

           They may do something unimaginable with unwanted aftermath.





        2. It seems that Chinese education system is more likely to test students’ memory and students who perform well in Gaokao are usually lacking of practical skills.


        3. Gaokao requires students to study more than three subjects. Students are always under pressure.



Conclusion: Chinese education system should be changed and there are more aspects about students’ development should be focused on.


Thesis and Sources from AS-Tiffany

How does Gaokao influence Chinese students?

Gaokao determines the level of universities students are able to enter and changes students’ life.




















How does Gaokao influence Chinese students?

I would like to choose a topic about how does Gaokao influence Chinese students.  In today’s world, in order to enter an excellent university, there is a increasing number of students attending Gaokao. Some of the students do well in Gaokao and thus obtain the chances to enter their dream universities and their future is brilliant. For example, the students who come from distant countryside, their life is changed. Nevertheless, students who do not get expected scores in Gaokao are always worries about their future and even choose some extreme ways to refuse to face the reality, because they carry a heavy burden from parents, friends, even themselves. Therefore, does Gaokao really benefit Chinese students?

AS-C attitudes towards high school

The first explanation is that generally students cannot obtain food to eat, which usually leads to some unwanted aftermath. For example, the school asks students to stay in the classroom and cannot go to the canteen and have lunch earlier than 12. Thus, due to the fact that every student rushes to the canteen, generally speaking, it is commonplace that the students are not able to eat lunch and they have to eat some fast food instead, which is not advocated. Nevertheless, the food the school provides is usually delicious. In the accordance with the survey conducted by AS-C students shows that 87 percent of the AS-C students are satisfied about the offered food. In conclusion, although students cannot acquire enough food because of the crowd, nonetheless, the students are generally satisfactory about the school food.


Another contributing explanation is that generally school’s living conditions are restricted. For instance, students are unable to take shower whenever they want, because of the electricity shortage. In general, this situation usually happens about once or twice a week and students cannot stand and always complain about that poor dormitory living conditions. On the contrary, students also mention that the campus environment is awesome. The various kinds of flowers in the school always attract people’s attention. To sum up, it is true that students generally live under poor conditions, however, students can enjoy the beautiful and attractive scenes in the school.


What will the world look like in 20-50 years?